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Student Link - January 2024

Friendship Church Winter Retreat – Had the great pleasure of spending a very cold weekend with 6 of my Seniors.  This year's retreat was very impactful, and I had some really good conversations with the ladies.

Student link continues to grow:

  • Continue to meet with Annabelle, Sophie, and Aya.  All 3 have completed the Student Link materials and we are now going through the Sonlife 40-day journal to continue the Student Link program.

  • Dasha and AJ are over ½ way through the materials.  We are starting to talk about who they could take through the materials.

  • New User – Alyssa has just started taking her 2 sons through the materials

  • Friendship church group still has 6 people going through the materials. They have signed up for another 6 weeks.  Annabelle and Sophie are doing a great job leading the group.

Excited to announce we will be having a wedding in our family the coming fall.  So thrilled to have Nehemiah join the family.

Attended the Disciple-Making Summit in Georgia representing Sonlife at their table.  Take aways from the summit: Leverage every moment to share Jesus with those around you, unlimited Kingdom impact when we have high character and high competency and invest in a few just as Jesus did.  So, who are you investing in?

Prayer Requests:

  • My dad is having skin surgery. Please pray the bleeding can be managed and they are able to remove all cancer cells from the area.

  • February will be focused on my recovery from a left hip replacement surgery on Feb. 8th.

  • February 24th GLP is hosting a Sonlife Strategy from 9-4 and then A Skeptics Journey from 6:30-9.  Please pray for both events to be filled. If you are interested in attending either here are the links to the registration pages:

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