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Student link is a disciple-making program that is modeled after how Jesus made disciples.  How did Jesus make disciples that changed the world?  First He met with them often.  Second he taught them to follow Him. And Finally He gave them opportunities to do as He did.  

Holding Hands Up High

The Program

Following Jesus lead by meeting regularly to keep each other accountable for reading, praying, memorizing, serving and sharing with others.  Then we use the Student Link tool to dig into a topic for that meeting.  On our own we are able to use the learning more to dig deeper into that topic.  

Holding Hands Up High

The Tools

Student link tool is 52 week digging into topics that help us become more like Jesus.  This tool is not designed to be comprehensive on each topic but to give you insight on the topic and lead you to dig deeper into that topic.  Once completing the 52 weeks it is designed for the student to now become the disciple-maker.  

This tool is available free of charge and has been translated into English, Spanish and Czech.  Please use the contact us form to request more information. 

Adult Students

Contact Student Link

Student Link - Peggy Allan

PO Box 955
Prior Lake, MN 55372

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