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I'm mark Gold

I have been involved in Youth Ministry for 50+ years and I love to come alongside Youth Pastors to help them build their ministry to be a disciple-making ministry. 

I am available to mentor and/or train Youth Ministry Leaders using the Sonlife materials of 4-Chair, Strategy and Leader Multiplication.  Contact me for more information.

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Our Features

Recommend Resources from MArk

Christian Books:

CT Studd

Intercessor - Reese Howells

Spiritual Secret - Hudson Taylor's

Gladys Aylward

Adoniram Judson

The Heavenly Man

Red Moon Rising - Pete Grieg

Simple Trust, Simple Prayer - Cindy Mallin

Revival: It's Principles & Personalities - Winky Pratney

Devotions to do:

Seeking Him - Nancy DeMoss

Life in Christ - Salerno


Knowing Him - Mark Edwards

Secular Books

River of Doubt (the last trip of T Roosevelt) - Millard

Hey mom, Can I ride my bike across America? - Boetner


People of the Ark (series) - V. Heppner

Ministries that can help:

Cadre Ministries - mentoring for youth leaders and volunteers.

Rural Church Youth Ministries - Mission Trips

Open Door Haiti

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