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Mark & Karen's March 2024 Newsletter


God amazes me almost every day. And if I would look HE would amaze me every day!

I love in the Gospels and Acts (ESV), how many times, it’s recorded that the disciples or watchers were AMAZED by Him. (21X’s)

In the last month, 8 have come to Christ, a marriage rescued, many testified to life changing power…..thank you for praying!

Please pray,

  • Every week several regular mentoring and training meetings.

  • I am trying to schedule 2 new requests from last week for training and mentoring of a youth pastor.

  • Wednesdays Karen gives directions to 4 women’s Bible Studies, and we both work in a Awana Club.

  • Sundays, we’re guiding an intentional grandparents series. (Great material from, Grandparenting Matters)

  • This Friday March 8, we’re hosting the neighborhood for supper. There will be 10-40 neighbors. Our plan is to share the Gospel. Please pray.

  • Karen and I escape for 9 days to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Karen said “sun and beach”. Mar.16-23. I would love for this to be one of the deepest times spiritually we’ve ever had together.

  • I am “troubled in my soul” over the USA and don’t know what to do about relocating, etc. Which battle to engage in.  Please pray.

  • Please pray for Haiti. How can it get worse. 4000 inmates escaped from their worse prison over the weekend.

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

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