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Mark & Karen's April 2024 Prayer Letter

April 1, 2024

Dear Prayer,


It blows the minds of people when I tell them about all of you praying for Karen and I. I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have a cadre of people calling their name out to God everyday.

March was wonderful for Karen and I to relax in Mexico for 8 days (10 counting travel). We got to plant several Gospel seeds but someone else will have to water and reap.

Fasten MY seat belt…..

  • April 4-15 I’m in Nigeria in 3 venues. 2 in Lagos and 1 in Uyo. Teaching believers. I am most excited about 4 evenings training youth and their leaders how to do evangelistic outreaches.  Please pray for the dear pastors and families and churches from Northern Nigeria who will be attending at the risk of everything.

  • April 17-18 Karen and I make a trip to Duluth to support a grandson in his college pursuits. We would love the opp to be SALT to him.

  • April 19-20 I go to Fargo to train at the Free Church state youth conference.

  • April 28- May 2  Chicago for the Youth Pastors Summit and Sonlife team meeting

  • In between I have 4 regular mentor/discipleship meetings. And spring farm chores. I don’t want to make myself sound good. I want God to intervene in all of these meetings and tasks and relationships.

Please pray for Karen’s womens groups and her preparation for the summer Czech trip.

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

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