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Mark & Karen Prayer Letter - February 2024

Dear Prayers,

Please pray…..

My highway in Haiti just closed yesterday. We are suppose to travel CapHaitien to Pignon on Feb. 8. Pray for peace in the country. And wisdom for my Haitian pastor to tell us to come or not.

Please pray…..

Feb. 7-15 My trip to La Fontaine, Haiti. (Was cancelled)

Feb. 17-Mar.3  Karen goes to take care of her mom in NY. Pray for us as a couple this will be almost a month apart. I get real set in my ways and selfish and it’s hard when we get back together.

Feb. 24 Hosting a Sonlife Strategy Conference here in Minneapolis. This will be the first time this conference has been held here in over 10 years. To register for this click HERE

Thanks for praying for the men’s retreat last weekend. A young man commented as he left, “I didn’t know you could have so much fun with Christians! And God has convicted me and I want to walk with Him.”

Pray for Noel, and Dean, and Caleb as I mentor and disciple them.

(Karen and) I start leading a new adult series on being intentional grandparents, Feb. 18.

Kenbe fem


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