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A Skeptics Journey - Q1 2024 - Newsletter

What an incredible 2023.  I was able to give my seminar 7 times.  The last one was at Treehouse where we had around 30 troubled teens hearing the evidence.  I enjoy seeing the students that are engaged in the materials and those aha moments.


In October participated in a podcast “Finding Something Real” that should was posted at the end of December. You can listen to it HERE.


I think a highlight of last year was being invited to be the Sunday morning speaker at Friendship Church in July.  I spoke at each campus on back-to-back weekends. 


2024 Plans To Date:

  • February 24th we are hosting a seminar at the Holiday Inn Express in Shakopee, MN from 6:30pm-9pm.  You can use this QRCode or the following link to register or share with your friends.  Space is limited to 50

  • March Peggy and I will be presenting at MCMA conference in Bemidji as a breakout session for youth pastors.  Then at the end of the month I have been invited to Toronto to present on Good Friday.  This may turn into more speaking opportunities the week before.

  • I have been invited back to District Blitz for the 3rd year in April.

  • We are working on some speaking opportunities in Madrid, London and Letovice. 


Prayer needs: Pray for the events that are planned and the podcast release to bring people to understand the evidence that points to Jesus.  Please pray for new opportunities to come in. 


Thank you for your interest, support, and prayers.  It is so appreciated.


Rick Allan (the Skeptic)                               

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