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A Skeptics Journey - June 2024 Newsletter

April – June 2024


In April I returned to Duluth Blitz for the 3rd year in a row.  As in past years, each session was standing room only and we had to turn people away.  I suggested to the organizers perhaps we could do something additional during free time next year. 

In May I had the opportunity to present for the Czech Missions Group from Friendship Church. I shared some of the evidence to prepare them for conversations in Czech.


The big event in May was getting to speak at a church in Madrid Spain and give my seminar to the YWAM group.



I finish off this newsletter with a first.  I was invited down to Kansas to speak at a Student Leadership Camp for Extreme Encounters.  Included in the trip, was speaking at the Emmanual Church in Abilene.  The 1st service was traditional speaking within a church.  

But the 2nd service was outside, on a hill overlooking a lake, to a crowd ~250.  This was my first time speaking outdoors, without slides or a whiteboard.  It went great and well received. 

We finished up in Kansas with 4 sessions with the young adults. 


I have a break for the summer, which I’m looking forward to.  My next speaking opportunity is at the end of September in London and Letovice Czech.

Thank you for your interest, support, and prayers.  It is so appreciated.


Rick Allan (the Skeptic)                               

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