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Student Link March Newsletter

Month started with Friendship Church Mission Conference.  We were able to talk to several people about our ministry and had a few people interested in the Student Link book.

Annabelle and Sophie arranged a group serving activity at FMSC.  So fun to serve with these young adults. 

Groups continue to meet and go through the materials.  Have a new adult that is interested in going through it and will be meeting with her to set up a starting date the first of April.

Translation of the Spanish version should be complete at the end of April.  Excited to get to go to Spain and share the vision with the group.  They really like the materials and are ready to start using it.

MISSION TRIPS: Working on putting together 2 teams. 

Team 1 – Team Lighthouse, Isaiah 49:6b – will be going to Honduras July 24 – August 4.  If you would like to support the team you can give @

Team 2 – Czech (Rekindle) – will be joining Rick and I Sept.29– Oct 5th.  Currently have 4 of the 5 team members confirmed. 

This month Rick and I also had a chance to speak at a conference in Bemidji.  During one of my sessions I had the group get into 2 groups, create a strategy on how to complete a puzzle in 5 minutes.  I enjoyed getting to share Jesus strategy of making disciples and

Student Link.

Prayer Requests:

  • Easter – may we all recognize what Jesus went through to save each of us and give us a new life here on earth and eternal life with the Father.

  • Praises –  Both Nicole and I are healing well.  Thank you for your prayers.

  • April 12-14 I will be taking my Senior ladies on a retreat.   Pray God speaks clearly and directly to them.

  • April 19-21 Rick is speaking at District Blitz and I will be hosting a table during the event.

  • Wisdom on what to say yes to and what to say no to.

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