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Student Link - February 2024 - Newsletter

February has been a month of healing and rest.  Hip surgery went well and then I proceeded to spend 2 weeks on the couch.  It was nice to have more time to spend in God’s word.  I continue to try to keep my activity to a minimum since I am still healing.

Student link group updates:

  • Continue to meet with Annabelle, Sophie, and Aya.  I enjoy our weekly meetings to hear what is happening in their lives and encourage them along the way. We are going through the Sonlife 40-day of Disciple-Making Journal.

  • Dasha – We were able to meet live which is always a treat. 

  • AJ – Continue to meet on a weekly basis.

  • Friendship church group continues to work through the materials with Sophie and Annabelle doing an excellent job leading them.  I have challenged them to put together a service project for the group. We also had a new member start, and one who had left return.

  • NEW: Gave 2 books to one of my nurses who plans to go through it with her husband.

  • Meeting with Alyssa on a monthly basis as she takes her kids through Student Link.

Helped Mark host a Sonlife Strategy seminar and Rick host A Skeptics Journey seminar on Feb. 24.  Both seminars were well received with great feedback.

Best news is that 2 of the youth pastors took books to lead groups at their church.  One will be leading 5 students and another 4 students.  Time to print some more books.

Prayer Requests:

  • March 15-16 Rick and I will be presenting in Bemidji at the MCMA event.  Excited to share what GLP can do for them.

  • March26-30 we will be in Toronto Canada where Rick will be hosting a seminar on Good Friday.

  • Continue to pray for those translating the materials. 

  • Continue to pray for healing for myself and Nicole (she had ankle surgery in January)

  • Pray for finances to be covered. 

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