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Student Link - April 2024 Newsletter

What an amazing God we serve.  Always amazed at what He is doing with Student Link and the plans we have coming up.  So grateful for YOU and your prayers / support.

Had the privilege to take 8 Seniors on a weekend retreat in Glencoe MN. We looked at what were the foundations of Jesus.  He was Holy Spirit dependent and had the Holy Spirit POWER (Prayer, Obedient to Father, Word centered, Exalted the Father, Relationships in Love) and how we can do the same in our life. We put together prayer boards.

Mission trips:

  • Team Lighthouse is the Honduras team of 3 seniors and myself.  We will be going to Honduras at the end of July to do ministry with the Solheims. If you would like to support the team you can give @

  • Team Rekindle is the Czech team of 6 college students Rick and I will be leading at the end of September.  The team will be working alongside the Letovice team.  To support the team you can give to Global Link Partners. 

Group update:

  • Annabelle & Sophie continue to lead a group of 6 high school students.  We have planned out the summer to complete the materials at the end of August.  Maddie is interested in running next years group.

  • Aya (Czech) is going through Sonlife’s 40 day disciple-making journal.  We have been talking about starting a group this fall when the Czech version is available.

  • AJ & Dasha are my college ladies meeting weekly.  Both are about to complete the materials.  Dasha has shown interest in starting a group.

  • NEW – Amy (adult) and I have started meeting weekly going through the materials.

Rick and I attended Duluth Blitz where he gave his seminar at 2 breakout sessions.  Both overflowing with students wanting to hear.  We hosted a booth and had several really good conversations with people interested in using the Student Link materials.

Prayer Requests:

  • Nicole & Will graduate college in the next two weeks.

  • Spain trip May 20-29, for Student Link meetings and Rick’s seminar 27-29.

  • Team Lighthouse – Honduras mission trip in July team planning and financial coverage for team and me.

  • Team Rekindle – Czech mission trip in September planning and financial coverage for team and me.

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