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Global Link Partners

God's Mission for us

We seek to advance the kingdom of God. Whether it be in North America, Central and South America, or Africa and Asia Pacific. Global Link Partners is training and equipping the Church to reach the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. We do this by meeting with people, building them up in their faith, and giving them the tools to do the same for others.

Mark Gold

Mark and Karen travel, speak and mentor youth leaders in Minnesota and worldwide.


Rick speaks publicly on the evidence he found searching for the truth of God and Christianity.

Peggy Allan

Peggy has created tools to make disciples that make disciples.


Kendra is a full-time missionary in the Czech Republic. 

Who are we?

Mark and Karen's ministry continues, after 50 years, to fulfill God’s calling on their lives to reach as many students as possible with the Gospel of Jesus. To disciple them into individuals and an army to reach the world for Christ. They wish to re-glorify God’s design for marriage and the family. In the last decade, this call has evolved to include more of the USA and the world. They remain in love with rural people where training and mentoring might not have been as available, and they are committed to the local church.

Mark’s life is spent in mentoring and training youth leaders while Karen has developed a deeper commitment and leadership with women.

Mark & KAren

Mark & Karen Gold

Rick's passion is to share all the evidence he has found pointing first toward the existence of a God and then to Christianity. He is a self-professed skeptic and former Atheist turned Christian. As an Atheist he was attending church services only to support my wife, believing much of what I heard was simply a made-up story. However, he came to realize his belief was apathetic, based only on anecdotal evidence and opinions. So, he began a journey, “A Skeptics Journey”, to investigate the evidence for himself. 

Peggy's passion is for youth to find Jesus as their savior and to help them walk more like Jesus and serve in all areas of the world. She has developed a tool to help students of all ages walk more like Jesus. This tool has you agree to weekly read scripture, pray, memorize, serve and share your faith with those around you.  

Rick & Peggy Allan

Rick & Peggy

Kendra decided to follow God's calling on her life and began her life as a full-time missionary in the Czech Republic; beginning her ministry during the summer of 2015. She has a passion for teaching, learning, and encouraging students. It is her prayer that the Lord will spark a revival in Czech and that these students will be the catalyst. By investing in the lives of kids and families, her dream is to continue expanding the kingdom of God in Czech by disciplining and raising up the next generation of leaders through her leadership program. 


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