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The ground was covered with snow last night - November 15, 2022

The Mighty One, God the Lord, speaks and summons the earth from the rising of the sun to its setting. Psa. 50:1-2

God is speaking and calling the whole earth and Karen and I get to obey and represent Him!

Last month we had the joy to go back to be with our family and our friends and our church in Masbate, Philippines. (Filling in the blanks, my father was married to a wonderful woman of God, Betsy, for his last years on earth and their home is Gold Beach (yep, Gold Beach) Dacu, Philippines. Betsy’s son,Jether, is Pastor over Soul’s Harvest churches and her daughter, Grace, who can organize and run anything, is married to Jimmy who pastors in Lapu Lapu.)

The photo on the left is “the family with a few kids”. The photo below is Family Camp.

What a privilege to go in March to Sierra Leone and Liberia to train for J-Life with my dear friend, Emem Jacobs. (Ask me the airport miracle if we are ever together.) What a confusing time, travelling with all the covid rules and restrictions. What wonderful friends in these 2 countries that sacrificed time to be sure I was always tested and approved by their countries requirements.

Wow, Czech. It was so great to be there again in July for Letfest! God let us be a part of the Friendship Church team again. God did a mighty work of redemption and reconciliation.

Pavel and his team are some of the Godliest and definitely most creative people we know. It amazes Karen and I that we have the joy and privilege of getting to hang out with all these world changers!

Confusion update….

Mark, did you retire? I don’t think so. I’m definitely doing less. Covid confused everything. The number of youth leaders I mentor is down. The amount of international travel is back. This year I trained leaders in Sierra Leone, and Liberia. I took Haitian leaders to make disciples at a youth camp in Haiti. Karen and I trained, spoke, taught in Czech and the Philippines. Next year, I already have on the calendar, a trip to India. I have invitations to Kenya, and Nigeria, and plans to go to Czech. (Haiti is in such a horrible state we cannot go. Please pray for them)

What’s the deal with Student Link and Skeptics Journey? Did they take over Global Link Partners? At the beginning of 2022 Global Link Partners brought 2 unique, independent, stand alone ministries under our legal umbrella. We share common passions for making disciples that make disciples. Global Link Partners had the structure and it was easy. If you go to our website, , you’ll get a picture of the flavor of what these 2 wonderful people do. We have separate bank funds and a gift to one is not a gift to the other. All funds to them are theirs and all gifts to me go solely to helping Karen and I with our ministry.

Kenbe fem!

Thank you! How can we pray for you?

Mark and Karen

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