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Student Link - September Update

October is a big month for me. I will be going to my 17th fall retreat with Friendship Church. Of my 12 ladies, 10 are planning to attend (praise Jesus). Please pray as they head into this final retreat to have open hearts to truly hear from God. The theme is ”Level Up”. I so

would love to see them all level up in their faith walk and chase after Jesus.

Also, we will be starting a Student Link study after Fall Retreat for 6 weeks. Sophie and Annabelle will be leading this at the Shakopee campus for the Senior High students.

Meeting with AJ, Dasha, Aya weekly to go through the materials. With Sophie and Annabelle we are going through a Sonlife study on Jesus’s life.

Traveled to Florida for a Sonlife team retreat. Enjoyed our time getting to know the team members better. I spent most of my day doing admin things and attending the parts I

could attend. Rick had an opportunity on Wednesday to present to the group. It was very well received, and we are hoping for some speaking opportunities to come out of it.

Rick and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary in September. Can’t wait to see what God has planned for the next 30 years.

Prayer Needs:

  • Praise – we have a new monthly supporter.

  • Fall Retreat is Oct. 18-22. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move mightily. Pray my hip will hold up.

  • I am hosting Friendship Church Deeper on Sunday nights Oct. 1, 8, 15. Pray for students to come.

  • Student Link after Fall Retreat for 6 weeks starts on Oct. 25th. Pray for students to come check it out that Wednesday and commit to the 6 weeks. Pray for Annabelle and Sophie to disciple well.

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