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Student Link - October 2023 Newsletter

Student Link

A Disciple-Making Ministry for Students of all ages to follow Jesus

Translation update – We have been fully funded to have the translation completed and this is underway. I have contracted with someone in Czech and in Madrid Spain to have the materials translated. This should take about 6 months to complete.

The big event this month was Fall Retreat. This was my 17th retreat in a row. God is so good. Jim Barringer was the speaker and did an excellent job challenging the ladies to take that next step in their faith. Follow up meetings with them have been good and hearing how they want to be more active in their faith. 3 have committed to doing Student Link for the next 6 weeks.

But with the Spirit led highs, there comes the attack from our enemy. Please be in prayer for the 12 senior ladies that went on retreat. They are battling a lot after retreat.

We kicked off Student Link at Friendship Church the Wednesday following Fall Retreat. We had 5 students show up. Of those 5, 4 have committed to continuing. We also had one commit to coming next week. We do have 2 guys that want to join so looking for a male leader to be their table guide. Let me know if you want more information on that.

Exciting things are in the works! I will be traveling to Georgia for a Sonlife conference in January. February GLP will be hosting a Sonlfie Strategy Seminar, and we will use that opportunity to promote Student Link and A Skeptics Journey. We may have an opportunity to travel to Madrid Spain in March for Rick to speak and to promote the Student Link translated materials. And finally, an opportunity at the end of March to travel to Toronto. God continues to move in our ministries.

Prayer Needs:

  • Complete the Student Link materials for the translators. I only have a few more “Learning More” (which are things the students can do each week).

  • Lots of opportunities coming in for next year. May God provide financially.

  • Will and Nicole as they will be transitioning out of college next year.

Join me to pray for GLP each Wednesday from 9:15am-9:45am central time

Email me @ for zoom info.

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