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Student Link - Nov/Dec Newsletter

God is Good!

Praise from October - November

Groups continue to move forward.
  • Letovice Lady Aja is going great. I love that I can meet with her weekly and encourage her. She is dedicated at the disciplines and anxious to learn more. Kendra joins us on most meetings.

  • UK group with Noel & Dan – They are meeting on Sundays with adults from their church. The start was a little difficult getting families to come right after church. But they are enjoying the materials.

  • My group of 2 ladies continues to meet on a weekly basis. We have hit 30 weeks, so starting to have conversations about them leading a group and what that would look like. They both continue to step out in volunteering at the church.

  • Sara continues to meet with her 1 lady. They had a hard time in October due to sickness and Fall Retreat. But are trying to get back into a weekly meeting.

  • Erin’s group continues to meet when schedules align. Working with Erin to see if there is a way to encourage the 8th graders to start a group.

  • I continue to meet with my neighbor Gina about once a month. She is going through a hard time, so extra prayers for her.

Continue to help with other non-profits with their bookkeeping. Set up a budget for Hope 4 Venezuela and GLP (see below) for 2024.

Sonlife has some exciting opportunities for me to share Student Link and Skeptics Journey with youth pastors around the US. January I am going to a Discipleship Summit in GA. I’m hoping to get a couple of new churches interested in using the materials. I would like to put together a sample booklet to hand out.

Continue to disciple 11 ladies from Friendship Church. Fall Retreat went well. No major breakthroughs for the group, but overall the group is united together. We all got hit hard with negative thoughts after retreat. I continue to host Deeper on Sunday nights for Friendship Church. Attendance has been low, so prayers that students would engage.

Right before Fall Retreat my mom fell and broke her collarbone. I became a major helper and quickly determined my dad should not be the full-time care giver. We both agreed it would be best for them to move into assisted living. By God’s grace we were able to get them moved into a great place within 3 weeks. Still have a lot to do helping them get settled and selling their condo. But really thankful for where they are at.

NEW Things
  • I have reached out to the woman’s prison to see if we could bring the program into there.

  • Meeting with Scott from Hope Academy to see if there is a use for the materials there. We will also be talking about Skeptics Journey.

Plans and Prayers for December/Next year
  • Will continue to write the Learning More lessons. Pray for Holy Spirit guidance when putting these together

  • I have put together a budget for GLP, Student Link, Skeptics Journey. There are some general expenses that I will take over for GLP non-profit. In the end, for Student Link, I have a budget of $10,000 to cover business expenses ($2500), travel to GA, Chicago and Czech for me ($5000), meetings and materials for groups ($2500).

  • The focus for December is to celebrate where we are at with Student Link, and begin to set up things for 2024. Please pray God will make it clear where HE wants my ministry to go. I have realized recently that I do have a full time job in ministry.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!

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