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Student Link Newsletter May/June

God is Good!

Praise from April-May

  • Existing groups continue to move forward.

  • We have 5 groups actively going through the materials. I did make a change to weeks 1 and 2 based on Mark’s feedback. Week 1 now focuses totally on truth, and week 2 incorporates the worldviews into the conversation about God.

  • Sara’s group of 3 are coming to the end of the planned meeting dates. Pray the ladies will wish to continue on through the summer.

  • New Groups:

  • Deb is still working through the process of starting her group. She needed to get her friend a bible.

  • Rick spoke for Oakwood Community Church where about 50 people attended. It was very well received.

Plans and Prayers for May-June

  • Pray for Erin’s team to start putting together their own teams to start in the summer.

  • I have accepted a position with SonLife to come on staff as their executive assistant. This should be a 5-10 hour a week job. I’m really excited to be able to help this organization, but also to see how it can further expand the reaches of Student Link. Please pray for wisdom as I transition into this position and God’s will to be done.

  • I am planning to attend the Sr. High Youth Mission trip to Madison to attend YWAM. I have 3 ladies from my d-group going. Excited to see them grow in their faith. If you would like to be on my prayer team for this, please let me know by replying to this email

  • The Czech team is still progressing towards our trip July 6th – 20th. I will be helping with English classes, a seminar for women called “Rethink Yourself”, and running workshops in the afternoon. If you would like to be on the prayer team for this trip, please reply to this email and I will add you to my list. If you would like to support me financially (cost of the trip is $2500), here is a link where you are able to do so. Any funds over what we need will be given to ELIM – the ministry Kendra works for to help them with renovation costs.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!


I am looking to put together a group of people that would like to pray for this ministry daily or weekly. You would continue to receive these newsletters, along with prayer requests as needed. If you would like to be on the prayer team, please email me @

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