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Student Link - June/July Update

In 3 years with Student Link we have seen: 27 students have started, 7 are active, 11 have finished and 2 students have led a group (with 3 more to come shortly, and 3 other leaders looking at maybe starting a group). Continue to pray for the materials to change peoples lives and to be used more and more.

Continue to lead 5 people through the materials. 2 have finished the SL materials and now we are going through a Sonlife study together. I am encouraging them to start looking for a group to lead. We are looking at offering a group after Fall Retreat. Would like for them to lead those group while still meeting with me.

Summers are challenging to meet, but I am encouraged because the ladies are eager to meet and go through the next study.

Two of SL students got baptized on Sunday. Emily who is being discipled by Sara and Mary – our newest student.

Took 3 students to help clean up after a Simpson House event. Great to bring them together and serve together.

Nicole and I successfully walked a 5k every day in the month of May. Why - for this t-shirt of course.

Prayer Needs:

  • Rick and I are meeting with Friendship Church Mission Committee this month to share what GLP is all about. Pray we communicate well to them.

  • I will be talking at the FC ladies bible study in August ondiscipleship.

  • Lots of opportunities for my now seniors to serve coming up. Pray that they will embrace the challenges and serve well.

  • Speaking opportunities for both Rick and I

  • Full healing on my right arm.

  • Finances to be covered.

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