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Student Link February 2023 Newsletter

Updated: May 5

God is Great!

Praise from December - January

  • Groups continue to meet and move forward.

  • Letovice Lady Aja continues to meet on a weekly basis.

  • UK group with Noel & Dan – Ended up stopping at Christmas and have not continued.

  • My group of 2 ladies continues to meet on a weekly basis.

  • Sara continues to meet with her 1 lady.

  • Erin’s group continues to meet when schedules align.

Bookkeeping - January was a busy month getting year end receipts out. But managed to complete on time for both GLP and Hope 4 Venezuela.

Sonlife – attended a Disciple Summit in GA. Great opportunity to get to know some of the Sonlife team members better (and for them to get to know me too). I did have several opportunities to share Student Link with people. Everyone that sees is loves it. I have put together a printable version of it that I am offering for free to those that want it. Waiting to hear back from some that showed interest.

11 ladies from Friendship Church – I so love that I get to love on these ladies. I was not able to go on the SR High winter retreat due to an unscheduled trip to Milwaukee for Rick’s parents. Sounds like the retreat went well, except for the bad speaker. Praises that our students recognized the issue and had discernment about it.

Parents - Mom ended up in the hospital with influence A and is now in rehab. They may need to move to an enhanced care unit, so we are busy looking at our options.

Plans and Prayers for February/March

  • Rick is speaking at a college camp 17-18 and I have been asked to lead a breakout group. I will be talking about how to disciple others and bringing up the printed version of Student Link for them to have if they want.

  • Pray that I can fight the battle of keeping SL from becoming a bible study for people, and keeping it a disciple making tool. I know that people will use it for a bible study and need to give that to God. But I continue to emphasize to people this is meant to be done with a small group.

  • Most if my time these days is helping my parents with medical and transitions. So I have had to put some things with SL on hold to allow for this. I’m super at peace with this and know that all things will happen in God’s timing.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!

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