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Student Link - January 2022

Happy New Year! Hope you enjoyed Christmas and the New Year. Praying you are staying healthy.

Praise from Nov.-Jan.

  • Erin continues to work with her 3 - 7th graders, going through the material. They are about to complete their 25th week. That is 6 months. We have added a challenge to the group to start thinking about who they would like to lead through the Student Link materials and to begin praying for those people.

  • My neighbor continues to meet and is on week 12 of the materials.

  • I now have 6 of the 9 - 10th grade ladies going through the materials. We are on week 7.

  • Met with one of my 10th grade ladies about translating the materials into Spanish. She seemed very interested in doing it.

  • PRAISES that we continue to be healthy during this crazy time.

Prayer for Jan-Feb.

  • Sara (previously graduated student) would like to lead a group. I had one 8th grader from the Shakopee Flood approach me about doing Student Link. I then talked to the d-group leader for the 8th grade ladies to see if there would be 1-2 more ladies that would like to do Student Link. Pray that this would come together.

  • God has put it on my heart to look into starting a group at the Shakopee Women's prison. Pray for open doors.

  • I am working on joining the Global Link Partners Non-profit. Rick and I would become the directors of the non-profit, with Mark Gold continuing to also be part of the non-profit. Please pray for a smooth transition, open communication between the 3 of us, and that required documentation for the state will be completed correctly.

  • Pray for the student working on translating the materials to Spanish.

  • I have approached Friendship Church about doing some sort of a mission trip this year. Pray for wisdom on what this might look like for this year.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!


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