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Student Link - Jan.2023 Newsletter

God is Great!

Praise from November - December

Groups continue to meet and move forward.
  • Letovice Lady Aja continues to meet and enjoying the materials. She is really starting to embrace the sharing and serving. She is at week 13.

  • UK group with Noel & Dan – They are meeting on Sundays with adults from their church.

  • My group of 2 ladies continues to meet on a weekly basis. I love to see how they are growing and putting the materials to practice. We recently did intentional living and put together 1 year goals. Both talked about leading a group in the summer.

  • Sara continues to meet with her 1 lady.

  • Erin’s group continues to meet when schedules align. They should be finishing up the materials in January.

  • Gina is going through some health issues so we have paused for now.

Continue to help with other non-profits with their bookkeeping. We are at year-end so this will take some more of my time in January to finalize books and get tax receipts out. ABLE Homeschooling needs a budget for their next fiscal year that starts in June, so will be working with them on that.

Sonlife continues to take about 20 hours a month mainly doing newsletters and event planning. I will be joining the team in GA at the end of January for a Disciple Summit. Hoping to have a chance to share Student Link and Skeptics Journey with several churches that are attending.

Continue to disciple 11 ladies from Friendship Church. I have 4 ladies that are really engaging in their bible. Continue to pray for this group to truly embrace Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Parents are doing well in their new place. I have been spending time helping them with doctor visits, getting their townhouse ready to sell and general help. I am grateful that God has given me the opportunity and time to love on my parents this way.

Met with Scott from Hope Academy and was able to give him a copy of the materials. They are very interested in doing the program and might start with a set of staff going through it. Who would then lead it in the school.

Met with Lori B. and she is interested in helping me get the materials translated into Spanish.

Plans and Prayers for January/February
  • I continue to write the Learning More lessons. Pray for Holy Spirit guidance when putting these together

  • Pray that God will provide the budget set up for GLP, Student Link and Skeptics Journey. He is faithful to provide. We have already received a generous donation towards this.

  • Pray for safe travels on the two trips I have in January: Winter Retreat with the SR. High group, and Summit in GA.

Here is a link to my dashboard if you are interested in seeing the information and/or using it. I just ask that you let me know if you start to use it.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!


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