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Student Link Feb/March Newsletter

God is Great!

Praise from February
  • New Groups - From Rick’s speaking at Miracle Bible Camp, I had 5 ladies interested in learning more about Student Link. 3 have committed to doing student link for the next 5 weeks. We had our first meeting via zoom.

  • I have put the Student Link materials into a book format. I have printed 3 for the new ladies and a few more as samples. Cost to print and mail is about $15. Let me know if anyone would like a copy.

  • Bookkeeping update. February was a busy month helping my parents, so the bookkeeping was put on hold for the most part. I was able to get caught back up and receipts have been sent for all non-profits.

  • 12 ladies from Friendship Church – We have a new lady who is joining our group. I love how all my ladies welcome newcomers into the group. I have reserved a house for our weekend retreat which is set for April 14-16.

  • Parents – We were able to get my parents moved to a new apartment that supports a 2 person assistance with my mom. Unfortunately mom is back in the hospital with kidney issues.

  • Attended Friendship Church Mission Sunday (sort of). We had a table for Mission Sunday but had to leave early to catch a flight for spring break. However, 2 of my ladies that are in Student Link stepped in to answer questions after we had left.

  • Trip to UK and Czech is coming together. Rick will be speaking in Wales on the 28th. Then we will travel to Letovice Czech where he will be speaking Wednesday – Sunday. Wed-Friday will be to youth groups in different cities each day. Saturday will be a seminar to the youth and adults. Sunday will be the church service. I will get to re-connect with the students I met last year and get to see Aja who is doing Student Link.

Plans and Prayers for March/April
  • Pray for the 4 groups I am leading.

  • Erin and Sara as they lead groups

  • Please Pray for a weekend retreat with the 12 ladies April 14-16. I have rented a house in Corcoran. I have already told them to hold that weekend, and to fight for it. We will be doing the Freedom in Christ by Neil Anderson and fasting for part of the weekend. This needs some big time prayers!

  • Pray for my mom’s health and wise choices.

  • We will have a booth at District Blitz, end of April. Pray for good conversations, interest in Student Link and more opportunities for Rick to speak in the fall.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!

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