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Student Link - Feb-March News

The Lord is Good! Student Link continues to grow as we go into this year. I started this ministry in 2020, so we are starting our 3rd year. I am excited to see where God takes it.

Praise from Jan-Feb.

  • We continue to have 3 groups going through the materials. One group is 1/2 way through, so we have started to encourage them to pray about who they would like to take through the materials this coming summer.

  • We have officially joined Global Link Partners as a non-profit. And with that received our first donation.

  • Met with a new tax accountant who has already done our taxes.

  • Connected with someone from the Shakopee Women's prison and she loves the idea of bringing Student Link in. At this time, they are not allowing groups into the prison. So will wait until that has been lifted to pursue father.

Prayer for Feb-March

  • Still trying to get the details to come together for another group of Flood students who are interested in going through Student Link. This may have to start in summer.

  • Pray for the student working on translating the materials to Spanish. She was able to get the first lesson translated.

  • Mission Sunday at Friendship Church is March 13th. Global Link Partners has a table there where Mark, Rick and I will be presenting our materials. Pray that I can pull the materials together and we can clearly communicate our mission.

  • Rick has 2 speaking opportunities in April.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!


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