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Student Link - August Update

Exciting things are happening. I have contacted two groups about translating the materials into Spanish and Czech. We are looking at starting in January. With each translation being around $2500. Both groups are excited to get it translated and began using the materials. I have offered to come and do some training on being a disciple-maker along with how to use the materials. We will see what comes out of it.

Continue to meet with AJ, Dasha, Aya weekly. Please pray for AJ as she struggles to accept God’s truth. Sophie and Annabelle have been gone for most of August. Mary and Anna are on hold until they get settled with their college classes.

Had the honor of speaking at the lady's bible study on being a disciple-maker.Theywerechallengedbytheitand3peopletookthestudentlinkbook.Morewouldhave, but I only had 3 copies.One lady is interested in sending it to the Philippians.

August was filled with opportunities to encourage my now seniors to lead. The senior class was in charge of two Wednesday nights and they did an excellent job stepping up and serving. My co-leader Karen and I even went tubing.

Spent the weekend with the upper-class from Friendship to focus on community and leadership. Only 2 of my seniors were able to make it but enjoyed getting to know everyone a little bit better and encourage each lady on the trip.

Prayer Needs:

  • Praise – my arm is feeling much better. PT is working. Unfortunately, my left hip has decided it is done. I will see the doctor this month to see what they think.

  • Starting to plan out 2024. We are looking at a $15,000 budget with travel, translation fees, materials, and general business requirements.

  • Fall Retreat is Oct. 18-22. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to move mightily.

  • Rick and I are traveling to FL to meet with the Sonlife team. Please pray for connections, speaking opportunities for Rick and an interest in Student Link.

  • Began a conversation with FC about doing a Student Link after Fall Retreat for 6 weeks.

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