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Student Link - April/May Newsletter

God is Good!

Praise from Feb - March

  • Existing groups continue to move forward.

  • One of my groups did lose a good portion of the High School ladies attending (went from 6 to 1). One just wants the information, but said it didn’t work that way. God did answer my prayers about a few of them returning – one has asked to come back. So I will be discipling the 2 together.

  • Gina continues to meet, but not on a consistent schedule.

  • Erin continues to meet with her 3 – 7th grader ladies. They are on week 30

  • 3 new groups have started:

  • A group of flood students (2) started Student Link on April 3rd lead by Sara. Then a friend joined in so now Sara is discipling 3 ladies.

  • Deb will be using the materials with a disciple she has been meeting with for 3 years. I met with Deb to go over the information and she is very excited to use it with her friend. The challenge for her is that all her meetings will be over the phone. I provided the materials for her to get through 10 weeks.

  • Mark is using the materials for one of his mentor guys. I provided the materials for 10 weeks.

  • With Deb and Mark starting a group without going through the material with me, I spent some time putting together leader notes for the materials.

  • Mission Conference at Friendship Church was a huge success. We had a number of people interested in the information. Rick received at least 2 leads for speaking opportunities.

  • Received 2 donations to Student Link

  • Rick had a great turnout for District Blitz over the weekend.

  • Peggy hosted 35 college students at her house for the weekend and had some good conversations with a few.

Plans and Prayers for April-May

  • Pray for Erin’s team to start putting together their own teams to start in the summer.

  • It was recommended to have the materials copy-write protected. I am still pondering this idea and praying about it.

  • I am planning to attend the Sr. High Youth Mission trip to Madison to attend YWAM. I have 4 ladies going from my d-group. Excited to see them grow in their faith. If you would like to be on my prayer team for this, please let me know by replying to this email. If you would like to support the team financially (cost is $500/person). You can use this link. After putting in your information, there is an option to give to my account, or to give to the team fund.

  • I am also planning to join the adult group going to Czech in July. This will give me an opportunity to share the Student Link information with Kendra, a Friendship Church Missionary living in the Czech. If you would like to be on the prayer team for this trip, please reply to this email and I will add you to my list. If you would like to support me or the team financially, here is a link where you are able to do so. Any funds over what we need will be given to ELIM – the ministry Kendra works for to help them with renovation costs.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!


I am looking to put together a group of people that would like to pray for this ministry daily or weekly. You would continue to receive these newsletters, along with prayer requests as needed. If you would like to be on the prayer team, please email me.

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