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September 2020 Prayer

September 1, 2020 PRAYER REQUESTS

Dear praying friends,

Please pray for increased conviction as I preach and teach and share the Gospel. I so long to see someone say yes, to follow Christ.

Please pray for the youth of America. I have passed on many times in the past 2 weeks, and will pass on in a small national forum some things that I learned from a local school counselor. These will break your heart.

The word to describe the youth of America today is CONFUSION

1. Social justice confusion

2. Gender confusion

3. Self worth confusion (produced by social media)

4. The youth have been shielded from pain and failure. (So when they experience it and they aren’t rescued that produces confusion.)

All of these are gloriously answered by Scripture. But we need revival in the hearts of our youth to receive the counter culture truth that is there. Please pray for your youth pastor, director, leader, volunteer as they have to teach some cross current Bible truth to be a safety net for this confusion.

My heart cries out to God for specific youth and family members that are represented by each of these.

Pray for our national leaders, state leaders, regional leaders local leaders to be strong to stand for truth not what is culturally popular. Pray for the election.

Travel: We were invited to go to India in October and were told last Saturday, the work for us there is closed for now.

We were invited THIS MORNING to go to Czech in November. We were told this afternoon Czech isn’t letting visitors in.

That leaves Haiti…..or anywhere else God wants us to go.

Personally, Karen and I continue to make ourselves available to friends and churches and leaders to do anything for them that we can.

Sept. 3 I’m teaching a national group of youth leaders the Confusion outline above with Scriptural answers.

Sept. 6 My last Sunday at Friendship Church, Shakopee for pulpit supply. They have a new pastor AMEN.

Sept. 20 Preach at Calvary Church in New Prague.

Continue to pray for the 4 men and women that I mentor and Karen ‘s Wed. morning women’s Bible study. Please pray as this group spins off 2 new groups this year.

Please pray for neighbors that God has let Karen and I develop especially meaningful friendships with, especially Mark and Gloria.

Please ask God to continue to give us our daily bread. AMEN.

Thank you for calling our names up to the Father.

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

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