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Monthly Prayer Letter - April

Dear supporter,

You won't get another letter like this for a while.....

Maybe you should PAUSE sending money to us!

I was listening to a secular radio talk show announcer the other day. He said he was going to pass his government $1200 on to someone that needed it. I had thought about just refusing it or sending it back, but that rang hollow. When he said that he was going to give it away, I thought that was a great idea. (Could God be speaking to me through a radio announcer????hahaha) Karen and I began to pray about who needed our $2400. God brought 4 people to our mind. Then I began to pray about our personal giving. We are going to increase what we're giving to international missionaries that are stuck overseas with no way of naturally getting more money.

We have wonderful, Godly, deep, friendships with national people (Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Czech, Philippines) who are being socially distanced like us without the ability like we have to be financially creative. All of their incomes are down. I began to think about the impact on orphanages and feeding centers and ministries in these poor rural areas.

Because we can't travel, 25% of your giving to Global Link Partners is being banked. We have more than we need. So we are going to try to give this 25% to our national pastors and ministries in other countries. Maybe you would take some of what you are giving to us and increase what you are giving to others????

So thank you for your marvelous generosity. I just want to be honest with you about your giving.

Kenbe fem


AND PLEASE…give first to your local church.

#volunteer #charity

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