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November Prayer Message

Good morning praying friends,

Are you amazed as I am at the saving power of Jesus Christ? I have enjoyed watching the redemptive work of Christ in the lives of several friends this week. I have been in the room, as a rescued wicked man, with some rescued wicked men. While all of us are still aware of the potential for dark sin, the things that we have been rescued from is amazing. We have been washed, sanctified and justified in the name of Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God! (I Cor. 9:11)

There is a national prayer meeting on Monday nite online (Details at

Please pray:

Nov. 3 National Elections (My only hope is in God). I hear rumblings of civil unrest. Please pray for peace and protection.

Karen’s birthday!!!! She is in NY with her mom. Please pray that she is used as an instrument of caring and peace. And that she is able to come home on Nov. 10.

Nov. 4 I teach a group of pastors at noon about margins in their life.

I teach a group of youth leaders about teaching preparation 5pm

I teach a youth group about the necessity of absolutes 6:30pm

Nov. 19 I tape a Christmas program that will be aired in India on their national TV station. This is the only evangelical Christmas program allowed on that station and it is viewed by 1/3 of the population. (and sent by satellite to Indian viewers all over the Mideast and pacific.) OK, if all of that is true, that is 350 million people. If it’s an exaggeration by the TV company and only 1/100 of that is true, that’s still 3 ½ million people hearing the gospel! Pray that Hindu and Muslim and Seikh and spiritist and animist and atheist hearts will hear and repent and find their Creator, Savior.

Nov. 29th I’m supposed to go to Haiti to train youth workers.

Pray for Tony, Craig, Seth, and Peggy as we work thru mentoring material.

How can Karen and I pray for you????

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

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