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November Prayer + 2022 Plans

Dear Praying Friends,

Psalms 85:4 Restore us again, oh God.

:6 Will you not revive us again?

THANK YOU for covering the trip to Kenya. I can easily say the presence of God made spiritual conversations with many people more natural than it has been in years. I even had a conversation with an atheist from Slovakia about how I could believe in God. Not challenged, just a very cordial conversation.

I got to lead 2 men to Christ. One of them was a church leader. (I’m going to say he was the pastor, because I always wanted to lead a pastor to Christ. Hahahaha)

I had great times praying as the schedule usually was free in the mornings.

Yesterday I had the privilege to lead at Iva Moison’s funeral. She and her husband were both saints of God that loved missions.

So how can you pray for us in November.

1. Prayer focus on Karen. This month is her birthday month. She leads an expanding ministry to women that it seems God has designed and prepared her for. Pray for wisdom and health.

2. Pray for our kids to walk with God & their spouses,

3. Pray for our decisions for life and work and slowing up or down in 2022. Continue reading to see the letter I sent to supporters if you want. BUT it has a lot of words.

4. Pray for wisdom on traveling to Haiti in December.

5. Pray for the Supreme Court as they again deal with abortion laws. May this be the killing blow to abortion!

While I was in Kenya I read, A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23. Phillip Keller. It will be my favorite read in 2021. I ordered you a copy. IF 1. You’ll read it and 2. you want one, I’ll be glad to mail it to you. (Unless you’re in another country and then I will hand deliver it to you.) Just respond to this email. “Send me the book!”

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

Letter to Supporters:

WARNING: The following is a letter I sent to our supporters. Your commitment to us is to pray…not to read….It also contains statements about money. It IS not a support raising letter!!! God has provided everything, everyday for 50 years!

Dear PRAYers, Supporters and friends of Global Link Partners,

For 10+ years you have invested in our ministry as friends and as PRAYers and /or supporters. THANK YOU.

You have given us the opportunity to mentor youth leaders and Pastors and train youth in the USA and around the world and to continue to participate with the Holy Spirit in obedience to whatever He calls.

I am stepping aside as the director of the GLP board, although Karen and I will serve as board members for at least another year. We are handing GLP off to these trusted ministry partners in January.

Student Link is headed by Peggy. This is a discipleship program which disciples youth who then disciple youth who then disciple youth. It is a tool that is also used by youth leaders to develop youth disciples around their ministry. It has been used for the last 2 years in Peggy’s ministry and is nearing the 3rd year of disciplemaking. (Peggy’s disciples, have disciples that will soon have disciples!!!!) It has been used in Friendship Church’s Jr. high ministry and an summer internship program in Kansas. You can read more at

Skeptics Journey is led by Rick (Peggy’s husband). Rick has spent the last 13 years studying the evidence for God and Christianity. He presents this information in 2 well developed seminars. He joined me this summer teaching 60 Chinese high school students at Lake Geneva. His information can be found at https.//

We do not EVER plan to quit making disciples that make disciples that make disciples.

Karen and I want you to know we will no longer need full support. We are changing our life style and wont’ be traveling as much so your kingdom dollars could go somewhere else. In an attempt to be completely transparent, funds that God directs to us in the future will be used for ministry (travel, ministry expenses), pay our medical insurance and needs, relieve our smaller international partners and maintain a monthly stipend.

Please feel free to redirect your ministry gifts. Here’s a few of my suggestions (These are ministries that I trust every dollar to be used for the Kingdom):

1. Your local church

2. Global Seed Planters ( )

3. The Gospel Association of India ( )

4. Of course Student Link and Skeptics Journey

All contributions that come in for GLP through January, 2022 will be directed to Karen and I. Starting in February, 2022 if you wish to continue to contribute to Karen and I you will need to give clear directions on the Memo line who it is for: Mark and Karen, Student Link or Skeptics Journey. Starting in February, if the memo line is blank the funds will be placed in a general account and distributed at the discretion of the board.


KENBE FEM……….. Mark and Karen Gold

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