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Monthly Prayer Letter - April take 2

I pray for you that you are enjoying God's wisdom and insight!

I pray for you that in this weird time you are sharing God's love with your connections.

If Karen and I can pray more specifically please let us know.

My 2 new war cries are, "It's a shame to waste a quarantine"

and to the youth...."This is the opportunity God has given you! What are you going to do with it!" I would be glad to unpack either of those more for  you.

This weekend (April 18-19) I've had 2 invitations to teach on "It's a shame to waste a quarantine"

Would you pray as people watch them?

1. 3000 teenagers in the midwest were going to attend a conference this weekend (District Blitz of MN) which of course was cancelled. The conference host ask me to address them and the message was sent to their youth groups. I don't know the number that will watch but please ask God to speak. The youth in America express disappointment, bitterness, anger, fear and boredom. God has answers for all of those.

2. Tomorrow, Sunday, April 18, I will have the privilege of speaking at Calvary Church individually, as couples and families pursuing intimacy with God at home. Please pray as a unique group of people will be watching tomorrow. (If you have already watched your church service and want to "critique Mark", you can watch Calvary Church New Prague for April 19 on Youtube -

Kenbe fem


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