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May 2021 Prayer Letter

April 30, 2021

Dear Prayer friends,

Today’s prayer Psalm included…..

You have turned my mourning into dancing.

You have loosed my sackcloth, and clothed me with gladness,

That my glory may sing your praise and not be silent.

O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you forever.

Psa. 30:11-12

Today I mourn over the spiritual state of the USA. I hear rumors and rumblings of revival. Oh God, send a societal changing move of your Holy Spirit. Let the FIRE not be the burning of businesses and police precincts but the FIRE of your HOLY SPIRIT in repentance and forgiveness and unity.

Thank you for your prayers for the past 2 weekends of youth retreats. I have spoke to over 1500 youth, multiple times and will speak tomorrow nite to 450 more. God has answered my FEAR prayer. It’s uncomfortable to be the oldest person in the room and have to engage and rebuke and encourage and teach 450 young people. God has been good and we have had great times together. BUT I don’t sense a deep spirit of conviction or repentance. I don’t want to be an entertainer or even a good teacher. I am glad to take on those roles to make the Word hearable, but I want to see the miraculous life changing power of the Holy Spirit.

I leave May 11 for Ghana, Lord willing.

May 12 arrive. Pray that I have the right covid paper work. I have to have a negative test here, before I go and there when I arrive. I have to pay for it here and don’t know how. (logistics) Money is being sent directly on cell phones now. I have to send some and am REAL uncomfortable.

May 13-15 I’m teaching youth pastors and pastors.

May 16 preaching in church(es)

May 17 flying to Nigeria. Pray that I have the right covid paper work. Nigeria requires a 7 day quarantine unless you’re met by the right guy at the airport who walks you out the right door. Pray that that guy meets me. If not….pray that I can turn right around and get on a Delta flight and come home immediately.

May 18-23 Teaching in Nigeria

May 23 (Late nite)- May 24 Home to New Prague.

Please pray for Karen’s women’s Bible study. They meet on Wednesday mornings. She also encourages 3 other groups.

If you have 8-10 minutes a day and want to shake up your prayer life try the LECTIO 365 prayer app. Because it is NOT what I’m use to it is often eye and heart opening.

Kenbe fem.

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