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March Prayer for Mark

Thank you for praying:

Feb. 24: Leave for Haiti

Feb. 25 Arrive in Cap Haitian. Have to travel 3 hours thru mountains to La Fontaine.

Feb. 26 Train, prepare for youth camp

Feb. 27 Preach in churches, Youth camp begins. 100-200 youth.

Feb. 28-Mar. 2 Youth camp. Pray for the youth to desire to grow, salvations, and deliverances from demons.

Mar. 3 Camp ends, clean up

Mar. 4 drive to Cap Haitian. At some point i have to get a covid test. not sure where.

Fly back to Fort Lauderdale

Mar. 5 Karen joins me in Fort Lauderdale

Mar. 6-12 Karen and I escape on a Caribbean cruise. (we've never done this kind of cruise.)Pray for health, good weather, spiritual collisions, rest, deep relationships with each other, negative covid tests.

Mar. 12 return to Minnesota

Mar. 15-23 Family sit Thomas' kids

Mar. 24-April 12 I go to Liberia and Sierra Leone to train youth and leaders.

Completely selfish but would you pray for the house and farm and animals during this 6 weeks.

This is at least 8 Covid tests for me and 2 for Karen. Please pray for all negative results. I can’t imagine quarantining in a hotel room in Sierra Leone for a week!

Kenbe fem

Mark & Karen

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