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June Prayer Letter

Please pray for every facet you can imagine of the Minneapolis, St. Paul protests/riots/government response. My daughter Christy and husband Mark live 8-10 blocks from the epicenter. For all of you who have written to make sure Karen and I are ok, we live rurally, 45 miles away. We’re fine. Thank you.

Karen is in upstate NY with her mom for 3 weeks. Again this is rural and very little virus.

June 4 Join Karen in NY

June 12 Karen and I return home

June 14, 21 preach at Friendship Church, Shakopee

June 24-28 Wilderness discipleship backpacking trip in western Ark. with Jr. higher. I will have a couple of travel days to get there and to get home.

Pray for the young men I’m mentoring to hear and be wise.


I have started using the APP Lectio365 to help me center my prayer time. It’s 9-12 minutes a day. It certainly is not my completed prayer time but helps me focus.

I have been reading thru the 4 Gospels every month for 2020. I am trying to use a different Chronological Bible. My favorite so far is John MacArthur’s One Perfect Life. In May though I watched all 4 Gospels vs. by vs. on Netflix. These have been very well done and your soul will be encouraged every time you see a person healed or delivered and their response to Christ. They are listed in Netflix as The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of Mark, The Gospel of Luke, The Gospel of John.

On YouTube you can see all the episodes of the CHOSEN. This is a novel”ish” rendering of the Gospels but so far (3 episodes) have been great and good for my soul.

(Sorry to those of you that are offended by Netflix or YouTube. I’m sure both of these can be found in a pay per view venue.)

Through the virus, I have felt so double minded. Every time I listen to a different really smart person, my position shifts. The video I listed here expresses my feelings exactly. I am so thankful that God has this. If you haven’t watched it, it is worth your 3 minutes.

Kenbe fem,

Mark and Karen

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