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June 2021 Prayer

Dear friends, thank you so much for prayer. Yesterday i saw a young lady from an old youth group. She is on her way for the summer for an internship in Ethiopia. I pulled her aside and told her about YOU! I told her i would never attempt life without the support of friends reminding the Father about my condition. I begged her to get a prayer team before she went.

Thank you.

Thank you for praying for the trip to Africa. 6 covid tests later, i returned home safe. Especially in Uyo, Nigeria we experienced a unique movement of God with believer's repentance and salvation and a great joy from the youth leaders in learning.

June 3 Karen leaves tomorrow for 5 weeks in NY. Her mother has a wound and Karen's family needs her nursing skills. Pray for Karen and her mom and her family.

June 4 Teaching a singles group in Burnsville, MN about spiritual gifts.

June 6 Preaching (in Jason Schafbuch's pulpit) in Remer, MN.

June 8 A dear friend and colleague is having surgery today

June 20 Sharing our mission story at Community Church in Steven's Point, Wis.

June 20-25 Jr. High camp in Milford, Kansas.

Please cover us in safety and health in traveling but more to see and know Jesus and his power.

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

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