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July Prayer

Good morning, Happy July!

Thank you for your prayer covering in June.

Thank you for your prayers for Africa, and Kansas. God was powerful in both. I enjoyed a sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit and students came to Christ.

I was re-centered as I gave a high school graduation challenge in Remer Mn. that we are looking at other foundations as a nation but I Cor. 3 says there is only 1. That has become a new theme for me.

Please pray,

July 4-12 Nathan (a grandson and I) fly to NY to be with Karen's family and i have the privilege to participate in an ordination service for a great young man. Karen will come home with me on the 12 (AMEN!)

I will be attending the Native Christian Leadership Conference in Bemidji July 15-17. You can check out the info at I am just a casual friend of several of these marvelous ministers am I am just going to see how I can help. This organization seems to be doing a great ministry.

I continue to provide a revival spot every Sunday AM in our church. Praying that our people will grow discontented and beg God for his river of revival thru the grace to repent. (That sounded awful preachy, sorry)

Thank you for praying for Karen and I, in the area of finances. God continues to provide as we ask Him.

Kenbe fem


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