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July Monthly Prayer

July remains covid-weird.

I will preach the next 2 Sundays at Friendship Church.

I will mentor my 2 young men every Tuesday and add a third young man next week.

I am suppose to attend a national native American believers gathering July 23-25. I am just going to pray for and encourage these wonderful friends any way I can. Karen will probably go with me.

I am suppose to train a youth group in personal evangelism in Madison, Wis July 25-28. They are training for evangelism and then practicing praying and sharing and doing good works.

I am suppose to join with Karen and another couple to host a neighborhood block party July 31.

IF the Lord wills. IF these events aren’t cancelled because of Covid.

It was so good to know you joined with me last month, praying for my family. Thank you.

Kenbe fem


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