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January 2021 Prayer Letter

Dear praying friends

Pray for REVIVAL! I am reading HEROES OF THE HOLY LIFE by Wesley L. Duewel (published by Zondervan). My soul is always captured by the uniqueness of the men and women and moment that God decides to send revival. I laugh out loud (ask Karen) when so many people repent and come to Christ! Oh God, do it now! Here!

Jan. 4-6 I am joining Sonlife Ministries for 72 hours of prayer and fasting for the 72 North American areas we work in making disciples that make disciples that make disciples. Each day we’re all taking 1 hour to pray for a region. You are welcome to join us.

On Monday Jan. 4 I am taking a personal annual prayer retreat day. (except for the 1 hour Bible study I have with my neighbor, Mark. Please pray for the scales to fall off his eyes.)

Jan. 11, 18, 25 pray for honesty in life change in the men’s purity group I’m in.

Jan. 6, 13, 20 and 27 pray for Karen’s women’s Bible study

Jan. 12-19 Karen and I plan to go to the Dominican Republic for R&R, if Jesus and Gov. Walz allow us to. Pray that we will grow closer always in our marriage

Jan. 24-25 We are hosting a pastor’s Repair and Prepare retreat for New Prague Pastors.

Jan. 30 We are hosting a Repair and Prepare retreat for youth staff at Friendship Church.

(If you know Christian leaders that could benefit from looking at how Christ, the man handled crisis’ like we have gone thru in 2020, (covid, racial tension, and political polarity) Sonlife has developed a great holistic retreat that we would love to bring to them).

Please pray for the men and women I mentor that I would have the wisdom of Christ to share with them and the wisdom for them to hear what Christ has to say.

Please ask God to give me 2-5 more men and women to mentor in youth ministry this year.

Please continue to pray for God to send us our daily bread.

I am thirsty for more of the Holy Spirit.

Kenbe fem


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