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GLP - Student Link April Newsletter

God is Great!

Praise from March/April


  • I continue to meet with 4 groups on a weekly basis

  • Sophie & Annabelle are approaching the end of the 50 weeks materials. I decided to add a fun adventure by going to the mall to do some evangelism. They did awesome. They are looking to start a group in August.

  • Aja from Czech is doing great and is about ½ way through. I’m looking at having her kick a group off at the end of May. I think by having them start a group before they have completed will give us more opportunity to talk through their group and to give encouragement on a weekly basis.

  • Anna & Dasha got through the 5 weeks they had committed to and committed to another 5 – YEAH.

  • AJ continues to meet weekly also.

  • Sara and Erin continue to meet with their groups.


  • We have the tickets for our Wales/Letovice trip at the end of May. Cost for the trip will be around $4000. We have received donations that will cover this cost – praise God. It means so much to have this support which allows us to focus on the ministry.

  • I was asked to speak Wednesday night at River on a new series called “Don’t be a Fool”. It was fun getting to share information from Student Link on how to live a life so you won’t Be a fool.

  • Thank you for praying for the weekend retreat. We had 7 ladies, 2 adults attend, and God moved in mighty ways. Continue to pray for the 9 of us since we are seeing some interesting spiritual attaches.

Plans and Prayers for April/May

  • Pray for the 4 groups I am leading. Pray for additional leaders to step up to lead groups. Pray for the 2 ladies that continue to lead their groups (Erin & Sara)

  • The Duluth District Blitz is April 28-30. Pray for opportunities to find more individual that would like to lead a Student Link group.

  • I will be taking the d-group through the books “Letters to the Church”. Pray for engagement into the book and for them to become active in their faith.

  • I was asked to speak at the Friendships Tuesday Bible Study group over the summer. Excited the for the opportunity. My focus will be on becoming a disciple-maker.

  • Pray for our trip to Wales and Letovice. I have challenged Aja to have a group selected so that we can meet while I am there. This way I can mentor her through the leading of a group while she is still going through Student Link.

  • I will be attending the Sr High Missions Trip in June with Friendship Church. Cost is $800. Pray for God’s provision.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!

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