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GLP - Mark & Karen - Sept. Prayer Letter

August 30, 2023

Dear praying friends,

I am weeping with those that weep today. Please pray for:

  • Tyler and Sarah who miscarried yesterday.

  • Vaughn who will get his final cancer diagnosis today, ( at the moment it’s inoperable pancreatic cancer)

  • Nate who is beginning an experimental treatment for his cancer.

  • The culture revolution in our country.

  • Jon and Lori for wisdom for direction for ministry in “another” people country. They are out of finances.

I’m having a terrible time applying for a Nigerian visa. It is probably my inability to maneuver on a computer, but I still have to accomplish it this week. And it sure appears the Nigerian website is broken.

Please pray for:

  • Aug. 31 I have an initial set up conversation about doing a Sonlife strategy seminar in Minneapolis. There hasn’t been one for, I guess, 10 years.

  • Sept. 8-10 Calvary Church men’s retreat. I am co- host. Details (hahahaha)

  • Sept. 13 Karen’s 4 women’s Bibles studys begin today

  • Sept. 15-17 Trout Lake Father and son’s retreat. Thomas (my son) and I are tag team speaking. Pray that we can encourage and train fathers and sons.

  • Sept. 21-24 Karen and I are getting away

  • Sept. 25-28 Sonlife national staff retreat in Florida


Please pray for direction. My conversation with God is I will know He wants me to retire when money quits coming and the phone quits ringing. (I don’t ask for places to speak, or people to mentor, or solicit funds). The phone keeps ringing but the money is really tapering off. Pray for wisdom and funds.

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