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GLP - Mark & Karen's January Prayer


Thank you for again being a group of people who have covenanted with me to call my name before the throne of God in Jesus name. I know I may have outlived your interest or time so you are welcome to remove your name at anytime and not receive that but I have to have a hard email to remove you. No hard feelings. I understand.

I have been around 2 men of God recently who recently lost their marriages. I don’t know why, just know that Satan hates us and this is one of his favorite tricks. Pray for Karen and I that our marriage remains rooted not in us and our strength but in our commitment to Christ and our vows to Him and each other.

Please pray:

  • Jan. 3-5 Sonlife staff has set aside for 3 days of prayer and fasting. I am just the exhorter.

  • Jan 6-8 I’m speaking at a middle school retreat at Miracle Bible Camp, Hackensack, MN

  • Jan. 8-10 Karen and I are attending a Pastor and Wives retreat in Brainerd, MN. This is for our own souls. We are not speaking.

  • Jan. 26-29 I’m at a Discipleship Conf. with the Sonlife staff being encouraged and encouraging.

I mentor a youth pastor every Tuesday and am part of a discipleship relationship every Wednesday.

I lead 3 different regular prayer venues., Please pray that these stay fresh and the presence of God is known and the voice of God is heard. Karen leads a weekly womens Bible study and administrates 3 others.

Thank you so MUCH.

Kenbe fem

Mark and Karen

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