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GLP - Mark & Karen - August Prayer Letter

July 31, 2023

Dear Praying friends,

WHEW, July is over. God was so good. I wrote you a thank you last week so I won’t rehearse those facts again.

Thank you for praying for last Sunday.

I began this morning discipleship mentoring relationships with 2 different men in 2 different locations with 2 different needs and desires. I am so excited because it is going to stretch me to seek the Holy Spirit.

I would love to mentor 2-4 more youth pastors this fall.

I lead prayer in several venues this month. Again I think God rolls His eyes at the thought of me leading prayer. I’m so glad it’s all about HIM and not ME.

I am speaking at the First Christian Church of Brushton, NY, on Aug. 13 and 20. Please pray for clarity as I speak and the Holy Spirit to be the teacher.

Because you are my prayer support….. and please don’t share this with anyone but God.

God has been so generous financially with Karen and I and our agreement of obedience is we will keep saying yes to going as long as

  1. Physically and mentally we can

  2. We keep getting invited. (we never ask if we could come and speak)

  3. God provides the funds.

Please pray for all 3.

How can Karen and I pray for you?????

Kenbe fem


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