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GLP - Mark June Prayer Letter

June 2, 2022

Dear Prayer Partner,

Thank you so much for your prayer for Karen and I.

June 7-23 Karen goes to NY to be with her mom.

June 12-17 Zach (grandson) and I go to Kansas for a middle school camp.

July 6-July 20 Karen and I go with a team of adults from Friendship Church to teach English class and help with a Christian festival in the town of Letovice, Czech.

Please pray for Mike, Mark and Dean. The 3 guys I’m mentoring now.

Please pray for the 3 prayer groups that Karen and I lead on a regular basis. 2 of them are weekly, one of them is monthly. Any of you would be better at this than I am. I think God keeps putting me in charge of prayer meetings until I learn how to pray.

Watch for prayer zingers. They may be a more effective way to solicit your prayers. I promise they won’t be often.

Kenbe fem

Mark (and Karen)

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