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August Prayer Letter

August 2, 2020

Dear Praying friends,

Thanks for covering Friday nite in prayer. The attendance was not as great as we hoped for, but the people that God wanted there were there. Anytime we can just care for our neighbors in Christ’s name is a win.

I preached this morning at Calvary and am at peace about the truth shared but long for a Spirit of conviction.

As I preach every Sunday in August at Friendship Church please pray for me to true to the Word, full of and led by the Holy Spirit, and for the presence of the Spirit of conviction to the hearers.

Please pray for Karen and I to be wise in our travels. OUR plans are for me to go to Kenya in September. India in October. Czech in November and Haiti in December.  BUT the world will have to open and God will have to send the resources.

kenbe fem


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