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August Prayer

Dear praying friends,

Thank you for taking this responsibility so seriously.

As I study the history of revival there seems to be 2 driving factors: God's timing and prayer

The first 2 things a church gives up are evangelism and prayer.

Don't give up PRAYER!!!!

Aug 1. Our church loses its pastor today. I will host a church wide prayer meeting tonight for the next steps.

Aug 2- 6 I'm speaking at the Chinese Churches of the midwest (hosted by Chinese Christian Church of Chicago) youth camp in Lake Geneva, Wis. (I;m driving Aug. 2 and 7)

Aug. 15 preaching at Calvary Church in NP

Please pray for my neighbor who invited Christ into his life in January. There seems to be a cooling. He also has a big court case next month.

My plan is to get away for 2 days and nites to seek God and his future plans for us some time this month. I'll let you know the dates.


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