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Student Link - Aug-Sept Update

God is Good!

Praise from July-August

Czech Mission Trip was a hugh success. Really enjoyed getting to know the people and see the country. Both are beautiful. The people are so welcoming. I connected with several of the youth and we are looking at starting a Student Link

group with them starting in September. I am working with Kendra to set this up.

I took a printed copy to Kendra and was able to share the materials with the British group also. Both loved the materials.

Gave a printed copy to Deb from The Well – Treehouse as a potential place for it to be used.

Groups are struggling a bit to meet during the busy summer months.

  • Mark’s guy moved away so they are looking at meeting once a month to go over the materials.

  • Deb’s lady was unable to commit but Deb still wants to use the material in some way.

  • My group of 2 ladies took a break but launched back into this week.

  • Sara’s group hit the 10 week mark, 1 lady is planning to continue.

  • Erin’s group continues to meet when schedules align

  • I continue to meet with my neighbor Gina about once a month

I have been asked to help with the finances for two groups: ABLE Homeschooling and Hope 4 Venezuela. I have been doing the finances for Global Link Partners for over 10 years so have a pretty good setup that I am looking to duplicate for these two non-profits.

Continue to get up to speed with Sonlife being their executive assistant. I am averaging about 5 hours a week with this.

Continue to disciple 11 ladies from Friendship Church River Group. They are now juniors and love walking through life with them.

Plans and Prayers for August - September

  • For me to have balance with the items I am working on and with. I feel like once I have the two new organizations set up in my system the work load will be light. It is just getting bank access and setup that is causing some issues right now. So just pray things will fall into place.

  • This September I have the opportunity to love on two 9th graders by giving them a ride to High School. Pray for safe travels and Godly conversations on the way to school.

  • Pray for the teams to continue moving forward. Pray for the team ending to start a new group (that’s the point of this).

  • As I mentioned in the last newsletter - I am drawn to having Student Link as a club at schools. However every avenue for this seems to have closed doors. So going to put this aside for right now.

  • Prayer for clarity of where God is taking this ministry and Global Link Partners as a whole.

Thank you for being part of this ministry.

God Bless!


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