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April 2021

April 2, 2021

Good morning. Amazing Good Friday!

I am a redeemed sinner. Cleansed by the blood of Jesus!

Thank you for walking with us in prayer this last month.

Please pray…..

April 11…I speak on revival at Calvary Church. Ask God to create a thirst that drives us to agonizing prayer.

Karen initiates 4 women's Bible study this week. (April 13-15)

April 14…I teach the Friendship middle schoolers on Prov. 2 . Earnestly seeking wisdom.

(Baby rabbits should be born this week. I don’t have the kindest does. Pray that they will take care of their babies like God created them to.)

April 16-18 Speaking to youth at the district blitz 1.

April 23-25 Speaking to youth at the district blitz 2.

April 30-May 2 Speaking to youth at the district blitz 3.

Pray for traveling safety for all of these events. Pray for me to take the right mix of grandkids. But most please pray for the Spirit of God to convict and redeem youth, encourage leaders and give Christian youth repentance and vision.

Please pray for Mark, my neighbor who gave his life to Jesus about 8 weeks ago. With tear filled eyes he prayed this last Monday for friends of his that needed Christ.

I know you are praying for the Christians of Minneapolis and Minnesota as we watch the Derek Chauvin trial and that we will know how to represent our Christ.

I know you are grieving the social forces that are dragging our country away from Biblical principles. Please pray with me that blinders will fall and people will see TRUTH and seek the grace to obey it.

Kenbe fe

m Mark and Karen

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