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A Skeptics Journey - Newsletter

Since my last update things have been a little slower but that allowed me to get many house projects completed. I did have an opportunity to speak at the Sonlife Team Retreat in Daytona Beach, FL at the end of September.

The 26 attenders all stayed for my talk and received encouraging feedback from the crowd. From this, I have been asked to travel to Toronto Canada the end of March to speak. Looking forward to a few more opportunities to come from this event.

I was also invited to be a guest on the podcast “Finding Something Real”. We recorded the podcast in October and it will be available to listen to in December.

Thursday, November 1st I will be speaking for Treehouse. They serve teens in the Scott County area building relationships and resiliency rooted in living hope. The first Thursday of the month they bring all 5 locations together for a group event. Most of these kids do not believe in Jesus, so I am looking forward to sharing my story with them. I hope to get invited back several times to continue sharing the evidence.

Things in the works:

  • February 24th, 2024 GLP will be hosting an event to do their Strategy training. During this event I will have an opportunity to give a 30 minute intro to my ministry. Potential church involved at this event will be Grace Church, Hosanna, and the Free Church.

  • End of March we are working on a trip to Toronto Canada to give a seminar at their “Good Friday Live” event.

  • Peggy is having her Student Link materials translated into Spanish and the company that is doing that is interested in having us come to Spain to give my seminar and train on how to use Student Link. We are looking at the end of May for this trip.

  • Working on a trip back to Czech in September. We have reached out to several contacts around Czech to see if they would have any interest in us giving a seminar in their area.

Prayer needs: Pray for the events that are planned and the podcast release to bring people to understand the evidence that points to Jesus. Please pray for new opportunities to come in.

Thank you for your interest, support, and prayers. It is so appreciated.

Rick Allan (the Skeptic)

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