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A Skeptics Journey Newsletter

The last couple of months have been filled with opportunities to share my journey. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and continued support. Here’s an update:


· Spoke at District Blitz in Duluth, April 29, for 2 seminars. We had an awesome turn out of over 300 people for each session. Received great feedback from those that attended. We also had a table for attendees to learn more about my speaking and Global Link

Partners. Peggy was able to launch a Student Link group with a teenage boy that talked with us at the table!

· The Friendship Church 5-weeks seminar was canceled due to lack of registration. We continue to learn what works best for the seminar and timing. 5 weeks may be too long, and the start of summer is not a time people want to commit to being indoors. The plan is to schedule another one-day seminar in the fall or winter.


· I had the opportunity to speak at a Spanish church for their service on a Saturday night. We had about 30 in attendance. They all really enjoyed the seminar.


May 25, we travelled to Wales. Landed in London Friday morning and did some sightseeing. Saturday, I hosted a seminar for Noel’s church where several attendees asked when we were coming back to host another seminar.

· May 31st - June 4th travelled to Letovice, Czech. Spoke to youth Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Hosted a seminar Saturday night and spoke at church service Sunday.

Prayer needs: I will be speaking at Friendship Church’s Sunday morning services in July. Potential opportunity in September at a Monticello church. Pray for opportunities in the fall and winter to come to fruition as God sees fit.

Thank you for your interest, support, and prayers. It is so appreciated.

Rick Allan (the Skeptic)

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