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A Skeptics Journey Newsletter

The first half of 2023 is shaping up to have lots of great speaking opportunities.


Received feedback from Cross Examined on my first submission to be included in their speaker page. Created a new promo video for them. Waiting to hear next steps. You can watch the promo video here.


17-19 I had the opportunity to speak at Miracle Bible Camp for 31 college students. The structure was 4 speaking sessions from Friday night to Sunday morning. Overall, the feedback from the group was very positive (8&9 even a 10). Peggy came with and promoted Student Link. She had a successful trip with 5 ladies interested in starting Student Link.


GLP will have a table at Friendship Church Missions Sunday. I will use this time to promote the upcoming Friendship event in April.


Friendship church and I will be hosting a 5-week Thursday night seminar, where I will be teaching through the materials, 1 hour each night. We will be advertising it over Easter services.

I have been invited back to District Blitz in Duluth, April 29, for 2 seminars.


Peggy and I are putting together a great trip to Wales and Letovice. I will start by doing a seminar May 28th in Wales for a group of churches. Then we will travel to Letovice where I will be speaking Wednesday – Sunday to various groups. We will be finalizing travel plans soon for this trip.

Prayer needs: With each of these speaking opportunities I spend many hours tweaking the presentation to fit the venue. Continue to pray for wisdom when working through and presenting the materials. Also pray for funding for the travel expenses. I offer my seminars to churches and events without regard to compensation.

Thank you for your interest and prayers.

Rick Allan (the Skeptic)

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